As a child I didn't eat many candies, but my parents used to hide chocolates from me because that was something I just could not resist. I don’t know if it was a matter of health or maybe sugar made me unbearable. One day, my parents took my brother to his piano lessons and left me home alone. I started looking around until I found, in a suspicious drawer, a bag full of Hershey’s Kisses. To me, the aluminum wrapping foil shinned more than gold, and with my brother away, I didn’t have to share the treasure.
I used to suck chocolates so they’d last longer, but for the fist time in my short life, I could bite them, eat them one by one, two by two, they would never end.
Once filled with chocolates and filled with pleasure, I started to get filled with guilt. The bag could not just disappear . I panicked and decided that the solution was to mould with plasticine one by one all the chocolates, take the little aluminium foils and carefully wrap each one of my little sculptures.
My best creativity moments have always sparkled under pressure and, in this case, under the influence of sugar.
When my parents arrived, the bag looked intact. I don’t remember being caught or punished, so I supposed my strategy was successful.
At five, Art had a very clear function.

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